New Flash Drive Option



Actually a NEW FLASH DRIVE option!

At our recent conferences, we have perfected the process to be able to provide all the recorded sessions on USB FLASH DRIVES at the conclusion of the conferences.

When we started recording conferences in 1969, we developed the process to offer Audio Cassettes of selected sessions on-site, minutes after the sessions ended.  Each session was on its own cassette and participants could select individual sessions… very convenient, but a little pricey.

The next evolution was to produce MP3 CD-ROMS and MP3 DVD-ROMS with all the recorded sessions, and send them out to members following the conference. We also gave members the option to purchase individual sessions as downloads. This reduced the cost to members.

Now, with our new process, we are able to fit all the recorded sessions on USB MP3 FLASH DRIVES and hand them to members on-site.  This has been a very popular offering, plus we still have individual sessions available as downloads.

If your conference organizer is interested in our service for your conferences, please have them contact us at, or call 775-322-6292.


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