Cleaning tape gunk off cables and wires

TECHTIPS by Bill Stephens 

Gaffers tape is great for temporarily holding down cables and wires, but often, when the tape has been on them for a long time and you remove the tape, adhesive remains. Duct tape is worse. To clean the cables and wires, I use Naphtha, sold at most hardware stores. Lighter fluid for “Zippo-type” refillable lighters is Naphtha. I buy small cans of lighter fluid to put in my show case, and refill them from the larger can. Put a small quantity on a rag and wipe the cables. 

Naphtha also works to remove the gummy residue from labels, as most adhesives on labels and tape are rubber-based. To remove labels without their tearing, heat them up slightly with a hair dryer, peel them off slowly, and clean off any remaining residue with Naphtha. I’ve tried Goof-Off, but I am careful about using it on plastic as it will “attack” the plastic. Naphtha doesn’t. 


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